Q-Flex Accupressure

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What is the Q-Flex?

The Q-Flex is personal acupressure system, and a self-massage device that enables the user to massage hard to reach areas anywhere on the body. It is ergonomically designed to help relieve shoulder tension, neck aches, back pain. Acupressure also helps to promote healing, health, or balance body energy. But more on that later.

The Q-Flex is a flexible device that relieves pain and stress. The hook-shaped design allows you to get to hard to reach spots without another’s help. Its pear-shape tip creates a deep tissue massage anywhere on the body. The Q-Flex applies just right amount pressure to sore spots and knotted muscles, especially in the back area. You can also use the Q-Flex to sooth tired and sore feet, or perform a deep tissue massage to increase blood circulation to promote healing. Acupressure is known to help boost immunity, balance body energy, and enable deep relaxation.

The Science Behind Q-Flex

When you use the Q-Flex, it stimulates muscle tissue to release endorphins and promote circulation to achieve optimal pain, tension relief, and relaxation. The bigger your muscles, the more pressure you should apply. Not sure about the amount of pressure? Not to worry, we can show you how to use the Q-Flex. It's easy! JUST PLAY THE VIDEO ABOVE.

You may feel tense or sore at first—but the soreness should decrease within minutes. You also may feel a mild pulsing sensation or pain as your muscles relax. But this is normal.

When we feel pain in our muscles, it is normally caused by lack of blood circulation to the area. When the blood circulation is reduced or limited to the area, oxygen flow to the area is reduced. That means that tissues or cells do not get enough energy or nutrients and the nerve endings in that area will let us know