Fidget Cubes - Assorted Pattern Colors

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  • Do you suffer from chronic fidgeting due to ADD, ADHD, Autism or maybe even an undiagnosed medical condition?  Can't stay focused? Then the Fidget Cube is the ultimate gadget for you!  
  • Fidget Cubes are specifically designed for people who can’t keep their fingers still.  Whether you’re a Glider, Roller, Flipper, Clicker, Breather, or Spinner the cube has something to provide the proper relief you need and satisfy your needs.
  • Fidget Cubes are an unusually highly addicting fidget designed to help you focus and will satisfy all your fidgeting needs at work, in class, or at home in style.
  • Fidget Cubes can be used to improve focus while studying, concentrate at work and in meetings, relieve anxiety and stress, kick a bad habit, or offer relief for ADD, ADHD and Autism.  Others just want a fidget to stay engaged in day to day life, stay awake, or simply pass the time and fight boredom. 
  • Fidget Cubes are a way to relax and unplug without the need of a screen for entertainment.
  • Fidget Cubes are a great gift for everyone and especially for those with ADD, ADHD, Autism or undiagnosed fidgeting. 


  • Fidget Cubes are made from a high quality ABS Plastic with a ultra smooth rubberized paint coating.
  • Roll Side Feature - The rolling gears and clickable steel ball on this side will sooth all your rolling needs.
  • Breathe Side Feature - Got anxiety before test taking, a meeting, or maybe a hot date?  Take a breath and breath!  This side feature has a rubbing area inspired by those that use traditional worry stones.  Relax, rub, and reduce your anxiety by rubbing this side.
  • Spin Side Feature - Just like to move your fingers in circles?  Enjoy this side by spinning the dial.
  • Click Side Feature - Always clicking your pen?  No worries, this side will sooth your clicking needs through 3 buttons that have an audible click and 2 silent buttons.  Click on clickers!
  • Glide Side Feature - Gamers this side is for you however, you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy the unusually satisfying gliding action of the joystick! 
  • Flip Side Feature - Flip the switch back and fourth fast to satisfy your audible flipping needs and slowly for your silent flipping addiction.