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We carry Beeman BB guns, high-velocity cocking airguns and more. Our inventory is even packed with air pistols, like the Beeman Deluxe and the Beeman Sportsman Series Deluxe Air Pistol Kit. The Beeman Deluxe Air Pistol is known for whisper-quiet operation and its lack of recoil. One stroke of the cocking lever fires a .177-caliber pellet at 410 feet per second, and it comes with a red-dot sight, so it's perfect for practice.

Shark Shop has Beeman Sportsman Series air rifles, including models RS1 and RS3 that are perfect for beginners, intermediate shooters and experts alike. Some models feature all-metal receivers, ambidextrous cheek pieces and butt stocks, and factory-mounted scopes. The RS1 even comes with two barrels; one is designed to fire .177-caliber pellets and the other is designed for .22-caliber pellets. Each barrel shoots at a different velocity, so it's easy to find the right Beeman Sportsman Series air rifle for your purposes. Looking for something else? Check out our B3-1 series airguns. These 40-inch airguns shoot .177-caliber pellets or .22-caliber pellets at 650 feet per second. Each cocks under the barrel, so they're easy to use. They're also lightweight, weighing in at 7 pounds, which makes them ideal for novice shooters.

Since we know you can't use your airgun without the proper ammunition, our inventory is overflowing with precision-made pellets. We have hollow points, wadcutters and more. 


Airsoft Gun Warranty Information

Airsoft Gun Warranty InformationAirsoft Gun Warranty Information

We sell our imported airsoft guns at rock bottom prices. Please note our return/warranty information on these guns, as stated below:

1). As is our policy with all items we sell, we only accept returns in the case of defective items or wrong item shipped. Please see our Return/Refund policies on our "About Us" page for complete details. There are additional policies on airsoft guns, as follows:

2). All airsoft guns shipped are brand new from the factory, factory sealed.

3). Airsoft guns are guaranteed to be in working order when you receive them and as described on our site. In the event of any non-working airsoft gun received, WE MUST BE NOTIFIED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THE SHIPMENT. A return authorization will be issued at that time, and you can then return the airsoft gun to us for replacement. No returns will be authorized or accepted after that time.

3). Many of the problems that users have with airsoft guns are due to the use of inappropriate bb's in the gun. Spring powered airsoft guns can use either .12 or .20 g ammo, electric airsoft guns should use .12g precision ground seamless or .2g ammo only, as lower quality .12g ammo will jam in an electric gun. Also, there are some bb's on the market which are extremely low quality and should not be used in any airsoft gun. If your bb's are not perfectly round, or have burrs or protrusions on them, they should not be used. In addition, fired bb's should not be collected and reused-the dirt and dust they pick up from hitting the ground will build up in your gun and eventually jam it. We do not accept returns of any airsoft guns due to inappropriate or dirty ammo being used in them.

If we were to offer extended warranty times on these items, we would have to raise our price substantially. As these products are imported directly from overseas, we have no recourse against the manufacturers to return items to them. Thanks for your understanding.